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The Need for Personal Initiatives to Add to the Goals of the Climate Change to Improve the Aims of the Climate Leadership Council

The world is currently witnessing an increase in the temperatures and facing harsh weather conditions to add to the rising sea levels. There is a lot of pressure due to the prolonged drought which is limiting food and creating extinction for plant and animal species.The burden from the climate change can still be alleviated when we work together.

The fact that the climate change is a pinch for all of us is a motivating factor. We can all take action as individuals, communities, organizations,Governments, NGOs and other faith groups. We should also show our love for earth and fight for it.

1. Conservative Use of Energy

It should be our main aim to ensure that we are the highest per capita energy consumers. This can be achieved through using energy efficient means while reducing pollution levels thus saving money. There should be considerations to ensure all these small changes are met. When the small changes are slowly added together they can result in a large impact.
Some means of achieving this is through the change to energy efficient light bulbs. Additionally, there should be installations of heat pumps in homes. Heat pumps are beneficial for ensuring the transfer of heat from one place to the other.

Electrical appliances such as TVs, computers, and others should also be switched off when not in use. Programmable thermostats should also make your list of investment.

2. Using Renewable Energy
There is a global push for using clean and healthy energy. With the dropping costs of energy each passing day, renewable energy is the best alternative for both the economy and environment. The rest of the world is slowly catching up with the energy transition to renewable energy.

3. Starting Conversations About Climate
The state of climate in the world has been discussed by a number of people across the world. The climate change situation is being held by many council meeting with strategies being put forward. Climate change has become the center stage for all global conversations.

Climate change is a major concern from developed to developing countries. We can all agree that climate change is a crucial matter that needs to be addressed quickly. There should be constant conversations with friends and family about climate change. There are different emotions which can be brought up by discussing climate change.

4. Green Commuting

The state of pollution experienced today us as a result of the high levels of carbon emissions from transportation. Many cars are emitting harmful gases in the atmosphere which are affecting the climate. Major impacts on our environment are caused majorly by the oil and gas industry.

There are many alternatives for reduction of transportation emissions. Public transport or riding a bike is a viable solution to reduce the emissions.

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